Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We're gonna skip around here.

I decided to start this post off with a picture of a quote I adore. The woman who said it is just one of my favorite actresses. Especially, for reason's like this:
Can I get an amen?! I'm not big, but I know I'm not skinny. And you know what? I like where I am. I still need to shed just a few pounds, but I eat healthy foods and portions (for the most part) and I try and make sure my body gets the nutrients it needs. I'm not a workout nut (and there's obviously nothing wrong with being one), but I'm getting my workouts at physical therapy right now, and then I like to take walks around my beautiful apartment complex with the boy. There is so much pressure of being skinny, but just like Jen states, I feel like once a lot of people get to a normal/healthy skinny, people are so quick to judge and blame anorexia or bulemia. It's just not right, and I found this picture and I wanted to share. How do you ladies feel about the topic? Have you ever been told you were "too thin" or "too fat" and then you lost or gained weight, and were told the opposite? It's happened to me on more than one occassion.
On a completely different note, Brandon and I are re-doing our master bathroom. We picked the shower curtain and the mat from the picture above. We really like the idea of the cart, but we still can't find one we feel will work! Anyway, it's exciting to me, and I'm just glad that Brandon actually cares and he isn't just like "Do whatever, babe, it's just a bathroom," because then it gives us even more stuff to do on the weekends together. That picture above is from kohls.com. Have I ever confessed my love for Kohls? I seriously wish there wasn't one JUST around the corner. It can do some damage to your wallet if you're not careful!
For those that have been keeping up with the car accident drama, I got the MRI of my brain done last Monday, and then yesterday I got all of my nerve testing done. WOW! Okay, talk about not fun at all! First, they kept sticking needles in my arms and legs and moving them around to see (WHAT?! to see if it hurt me? Haha. Of course it hurts!) how my nerves were reacting. The second test was worse, though. They just kept shocking me in so many different places on my arms and legs. I wanted to scream, but I just closed my eyes and tried so hard to focus on something else. The last test was the easiest. They put a bunch of gunk in my hair and then 21 electrodes on my scalp and monitored my brain waves for a good thirty minutes. Car accidents...yeeeeeeesh. They take it out of you, for sure. I get the results of those tests next week, and then we move from there. I'll keep y'all posted. I know it's exciting stuff!
Today is one of those days (and really it's only 11:30, so I've still got time to get organized) where I could use one of these bad boys:
(Mine is on the right. Java Chip Frapp!)
Perhaps if I had one of those, this post would be a little more put together and not all over the place. I apologize for that, but if you're still reading, thank you. :) I gotta say, it never gets old having new readers and followers. I still love my old ones, too! I'd be completely lying if I said that your comments didn't make my day. So thanks to everyone who stops by on a regular basis and leaves some lovin'; it makes me so happy! If I could have that, and the picture below again right now, I'd be in heaven:
Next post will for sure be more organized with a set topic. I just wanted to say hi to my readers and that I haven't disappeared. :) Have a great day, ladies! I'll see ya really soon!


  1. I freaking love Jen. She hit the nail on the head.
    Except my husband and I are headed to Hawaii in two months from today and I'm ready to do a laxative diet. haha

    1. I love her too! She's got great style to top it off. And yeah, couldn't have said it any better myself. You don't need to do any laxative diet! Haha. Especially if you'll just be with your husband! I'm sure he loves you for you, and you really don't look big, darlin', except those boobs of yours! Dang, wish I had the cleavage you've got in that recent pic you blogged hahaha. My boyfriend would be sooo happy! PS. Diggin' the new hair!