Monday, September 3, 2012

A baby bird attempts to fly...

    Last week, I discovered a bird's nest in the palm tree right outside our window. The mama bird was feeding her two babies. They were Mourning Doves. I just had to point it out to my boyfriend, as it was the most exciting thing that I had witnessed in quite awhile; being that I was in a bad car accident last month and have not witnessed much lately besides the inside of our new apartment. It was such a simple thing, however happy it made me. I realized at that moment that I do enjoy the simple, small, beautiful things in life.
    To add to the excitement, I decided this morning to check up on them, only to realize that one of them had attempted to fly and failed (poor li'l guy was on the ground, but not injured) and the other was preparing his wings to give it a go. I have been thinking and thinking about what to write my first post about. What would be interesting? What would attract readers and followers? Why do I love the blogs that I visit on a daily basis and how do I take something from each of them and create my own that is just so lovely that people decide to follow it? I decided that it was a little like a baby bird attempting to fly. Here I am, giving this blog thing a go, putting my life out there and hoping to somehow begin to inspire and grab someone's attention. It's a little scary, as I imagine flying for the first time would be.
    I want 'That's Just Lovely...' to be about fashion, beauty, DIY, and also to be able to write about the events in my life that might somehow be interesting enough to have a viewer think, I like this girl's blog...I am going to save it to my favorites and come back to see what she has done with it. Of course I'm working on the design, gathering ideas, planning and scheming (I've even got my handy-dandy notebook sitting next to me) to make this baby a good one. Until then, I'd love to share some of the blogs that inspired me to begin this journey.
    Melisa from Pie N' The Sky, for her beautiful design and enjoyable topics of discussion, was the first. made me laugh so hard, I couldn't resist saving it to my favorites. FRANKIE HEARTS FASHION because that woman's fashion sense makes me oh-so-envious. Happy Brittany made me think, Not only is this girl beautiful, but she has one hell of a blog, too! The amazing design skills of Lauren from The Perfect Pear made me want to sketch out designs right then and there. And lastly, the cuteness and near perfection of Breanne from oh, pish posh was the last straw. I just had to begin! So here I am, world. Hello--my name is Brani Laine, and welcome to 'That's Just Lovely...'I can only hope you love my first post enough to come back! Oh, and if you're interested in swapping blog buttons, I'd be more than happy to. Shoot me an email at and I promise to respond!


  1. Great first post! Glad your birds did better than ours:(

  2. Thanks, sissy! of them is still in the nest and I think they've given up on him. Not sure he's going to make it :( Thanks for following me!!!

  3. Oh you're gonna love it! And I'm in love with your blog design ... you obviously know what you're doing! ;) Can't wait to follow along and btw loooove Breanne!

    1. I do love it! I am already obsessed haha. Thank you, by the way. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any help with the design aspect. I used to blog years ago and was (in my mind) awesome at designing, but not so much anymore. Hopefully I'll get back there soon. Thanks for following, and yes, I love Breanne, too! She was one of the ladies that inspired me to start a blog again. PS. I followed you, too!