Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm BACK & better than EVER! At least I'd like to believe so... ;)

Wow...so it's been an entire year since I have posted a blog post! I had originally tried to post this vlog (but was having some minor issues with Blogger) on the 15th--which was the actual date of my one year anniversary of my last post. That wasn't even planned. Pretty cool, huh? If you want to know what got me thinking about blogging again, just watch the video. It pretty much explains everything. I don't typically do vlogs; I just figured this was the easiest way to get the message out to you all in the blogosphere.

Let me go ahead and tell you some things I'm majorly excited about. So many of my favorite, closest blogging friends are still around. Like Kel over at Stories of Kel, Lauren of Fashion, Love & Lauren...hmm, who else? Lacey of sunny + turquoise (which is awesome, because I remember giving her tips on how to start growing her blog and now look at how far she has come!), Mikell of Love & Such, Whitney of The Middle of the Street blog (how I cannot WAIT to catch up with you, my silly friend), Katie (not quite sure why your blog is not working...did you take it down?), and so many more of the blogs that I have continued to visit over the past year, while I guess you can say I was on a major hiatus. No, I did not think I'd ever come back to blogging. What has been the biggest change for me? Well, if you watch the video below you will see that I have lost 40+ pounds in the past year. All in a healthy way, and I'm so proud of myself. I'm also much happier; my life is getting back on track and I suppose that is one of the main reasons I felt like I needed to get back to blogging. I don't want to give too much away, because I want to save most of it for my upcoming blog posts. So...go ahead and watch the video. COMMENT! I'd love to hear from you all. It would just absolutely make my whole entire week, maybe even month. ;)

Oh, and okay...here are some pictures just to give y'all a little preview of my life lately. Just a few...because I have to save some for upcoming posts! Ahhhh--excitement! I have no idea where to even begin. The beginning, I suppose. Hehe.

SIGH! What a tease! Is there something wrong with Blogger? It won't allow me to upload any pictures. Please don't make things complicated, Blogger, just as I am trying to make a comeback here. Sorry, ladies & gents! Let me know if you know what the problem is.

PS. Would anyone be willing to do a blog design for me for free or very cheap just so I can get rid of that CRAPPY picture of me in the "About Me" spot that looks nothing like me anymore? I'd greatly appreciate it. Leave a comment, or shoot me an email. I guess I also need to get to updating my sponsor buttons, about me page, and ALL that stuff. This might be more work than I originally thought. Daaaaang. Well, I've missed y'all!

Brani Laine

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pssst! Who's still around in this big ol' blogging world?!

Before I begin with some silly pictures, I just wanted to say hi real quick! It's been quite awhile and a lot has happened. A lot has changed. I almost forgot I owned a blog until someone reminded me. Not because I don't miss you wonderful people that have awesome blogs yourselves or just read mine, but because life has been CUHRAZY! I'm going to give a major update soon...but until then, here are some pictures of life lately. I would love to know who's still blogging. Is anyone still keeping up with this ol' blog? ;) That'd be awesome, but I don't expect it.
I'd love to catch up with my good friends that are still blogging. I do have lots to tell y'all! LOTS. Expect that actual update post sometime soon, and if you still come here to check for updates, WOW! Thank you. <3
Friends. Best Friends. What would I do without them?! I have no clue.
Pretty much my soul sister in life, Brandie.
Long hair, don't care. :P I've lost some weight! YEAH!
Summertime in Florida. We have a love/hate relationship. ;) It's SO hot! I hope everything is going well with every single one of you. I'm at the beaches now, which is pretty cool. I can't wait to tell you all about everything. God Bless and I hope to hear from some of you--FOR REAL! xoxo

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, well...hey there!

I just wanted to say hi and I actually really miss the blogging world. I figured I'd update anyone who reads. I turned 26 Saturday and yes, I feel different and older. I had a great birthday, though. It's really nice to have a good time with your friends and be able to confirm that they are good people. Since I last wrote, I had two people (one that was a supposed "best friend since high school") really hurt me and I had to weed them out of my life, but it was really a very positive thing after the initial emotional pain. It made me appreciate the people in my life that lift me up every day instead of trying to bring me down and say such hurtful things. No time for it! Got life going on, ya know?! So get outttt and let me continue to learn in life and rock on. ;)
I hope you're all doing well and I can't believe people STILL check my blog. You are awesome and it makes me really happy to hear that. I love you for it, really. I promised I'd write when I wanted to, didn't I? Whomever advised me (actually, there were several of you) to keep blogging, but to do it when I want to, especially so I can look back on my life in the future and re-read what I went through or what I was thinking: you are all geniuses. Totally the best advice ever. It's really fun to go back and see what was going on in my brain at different times. Funny, mostly. I was trying so hard to be cute. Hahaha. How ridiculous.
Ummm--preach it, Audrey! Sleeping has been a major issue for me lately, which is obviously why I'm writing this at 2am. But I have learned a lot in the past month about how no matter what, you just carry on in life and grow stronger through every difficult, or even happy, situation. So, it has been a really good month because I have learned to look at things a lot differently. Well, for the most part--no one is ever truly done growing up and learning things, I don't believe. I used to, but I also realized that even at 26, I'm still learning things about myself and other people. Life in general. And it's really a great feeling! I'll try and post more sometime soon. I miss a lot of you people! It's time for me to catch up on some blogs. As always, nothing but a whole lotta love from my little corner of the world to yours. xo

Do I look older? Juuust kidding. Hopefully this is goodnight. Ha! PS. I just posted this and looked at my blog and realized it hasn't even been a month. Whatever! You get what I'm saying, right? Don't call me out.

Friday, March 22, 2013

To blog...or not to blog?

Hey friends! Phew...it's been awhile. I sooo appreciate the comments y'all left on my last post; keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It's been a tough couple of weeks, but I've been through way worse. My health problems are still affecting me and probably always will, but I do feel a little better today. And it's extremely nice to know that people care. As for the family stuff--that seems to be getting better, too, but who knows? You just have to keep praying and pushing forward in life...no matter what, right? Thinking positively about everything. I'm trying to learn how to do that. I'm sorry if I haven't answered your emails or put buttons up, or anything I've said I would do lately. I know a lot of you are probably thinking WTF!? Sorry! Taking a "hiatus" hasn't helped much really, as far as the break from blogging goes. I've had SO much on my mind lately. Speaking of that...
I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately and whether I want to continue doing it. There are pros and cons. I have made SOOO many amazing friends (that hopefully one day I'll get to meet some of them...but I'd probably have to continue blogging for that, huh?) and gotten some incredible feedback on some of my posts. I love being able to log in to blogger and vent, speak my mind, share my stories and pictures, and visit other blogs and hear your stories. It's truly an awesome experience that I am so glad I ventured into almost a year ago. I'd always read blogs, but never thought I'd create one. The cons? I'm not too sure how many people read this, and sometimes I feel (just being honest) like I'd be better off journaling privately. There's also the time factor. I am searching for a full-time job every single day, and then trying to keep up with everything else. So, I really only post when I can't sleep...which is a lot lately. There are definitely MORE pros than cons, but I just have to make a decision. I don't want to regret giving up my blog, but at the same time, I don't want to be wasting my time when I could be sorting out my life more, ya know?
Sorry for the schpeel. Thanks for reading, if ya are. I know there are some of you that check in daily, and that's freaking awesome! I adore you for it! It makes me feel incredibly special. However, I've also lost my "mojo" it seems (haha, yeah Austin Powers reference!) for good blog storytelling. I guess I really just want to know, without sounding pitiful, from you all...to blog or not to blog? That's the question I've been pondering a lot lately and I sure hope y'all can help me answer it. Anyone of you felt this way before, and if so, how did you overcome it? Or...did you delete your blog? Be well, loves! xo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have you seen this Missing Blogger?

I'm so sorry that I have been MIA. There is so much craziness going on in my life right now with my health and with some family issues. I have missed blogging and I'm honestly very sorry if I haven't responded to your emails yet, or if it just seemed like I didn't care. I do care a ton & I really miss you guys!
If you pray, I would be so grateful for you to keep me in even just one of them. If you don't pray, I'd be thrilled if you just sent good vibes my way (and my family). It would be appreciated more than you know. Thanks soooo much! I'll be back soon, and better than EVER! xo

Friday, March 1, 2013

I debated posting this...

Simply because I don't want people to think I'm depressed, or a mopey person, or a Negative Nancy. I try to be really optimistic about life, even in hard times like now. So...here's the sad part (and I seriously debated posting this because it really is so personal to me) and I'm going to write a little bit about it for two reasons. 1) I thought maybe, just maybe, someone out there could relate and this post would touch them and 2) I have been told that my best posts are the ones where I share personal, raw, down-to-the-core/this-is-me-and-if-you-don't-like-it-oh-well posts.
Four years ago my dad passed away. He was struggling from a very rare disease called scleroderma. We all (including him) really thought he was going to beat it, but he didn't get a chance to. This is, I believe, the last picture I got to take with him:
It was taken on his 60th birthday, the last birthday we got to spend with him. February 27th, he would have been 64 years old. Losing someone so extremely close, so near and dear to your heart...someone that should be able to walk you down the aisle of your wedding or get to meet his grandkids...it breaks my heart to think about. I know everyone says this about their dads, but my dad was really a stand-up guy. I want to share a cool story with you (that even I didn't know about until Wednesday) that my uncle shared with me. First and foremost, you need to know that my father was a judge. Then the story will make more sense. Ready? This is what I read on my uncle's Facebook page on my dad's birthday (trust me, you'll want to read it):
"My Big Brother Pete...yep...talent sure ran deep in this family. Miss and love you. True story. A defendant in his courtroom was going to receive his sentence, my brother knew he played guitar through some testimony given. So, after [the sentence] was handed down, the courtroom was cleared and the baliffs took the prisoner to Pete's chambers and they played a tune together on Pete's pre-war Martins that were there. After some bluegrass...off the guy went to the Florida State Prison!"
Crazy, right? That's what kind of guy my dad was, and I hope that I have even 10% of the kindness and love that he shared. His talent was passed down to me, his talkative personality to my sister, and his smarts to my brother. Not a day goes by where I do not think of him, especially the hard days (the anniversary of his passing, his birthday, Father's Day). I am so proud to have been able to call him Dad. Sometimes, whether you believe in this sort of stuff or not, I can really still physically feel his presence. I've had some experiences, and I'm not going to share that here. Those are my moments to keep and share with my best friends and my lover.
So...I haven't gotten much sleep the past two nights, and I had to write about this. I just had to. Love is something we should NEVER take for granted. You don't ever know when someone you love so very much will leave this earth; and you might wish you'd said "I love you" a few more times before they do. Take a lesson from me, please, and do that. Give your husbands, your kids, your whole family and your friends big hugs and tell them what they mean to you. I promise you will not regret it. EVER.
Between my parents, I look like my dad. And he was a handsome dude, so I feel pretty lucky to have his awesome genes (mom helped)!
I love you, Dad! Thanks for giving me the best childhood & early adulthood I could have ever asked for, instilling (what I think, anyway) are amazing values and goals, being an awesome role model, and trying to sing along to the pop songs on the radio every single drive to school in the morning. I sure miss your versions with random, inaccurate lyrics and humming/whistling when you definitely didn't know the part. I might have been annoyed then (stupid teens, right?) but I would give anything to have one of those moments back. You are half of the reason I am who I am today, and for that, I am eternally grateful. :)
Just on a lighter note really quick, because I'm sure we can all agree that was a deep post, I wanted to tell you all something fabulous. I had my first ever Skype date with my best blogging friend, Lauren and she is just as adorable, witty, and funny as I thought she'd be. Oh, and a total babe. I'm so blessed to have made a true friend (although thousands of miles away and never having met [yet!]) that honestly cares about how I am doing...every single day! Love you, Lo! Also, I love you all for reading. Especially this post, because it was intense. You're the best readers a gal could ask for! HAPPY MARCH! xo


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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