Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yes, I bought these flowers for myself. Sooo what?

Today's picture of a crazy look I tried with a BUNCH of make-up I got pretty much all at once: (Haha, did it work out or shall I never try this look again?)

When you get into a really bad car accident (even if you're not found at fault) it can be really taxing on your mental well-being, not just the physical (which umm, for me, that's not great right now either). The process of going to physical therapy 3 x's per week is not what gets me. The bi-weekly appointments to my orthopedic surgeon don't bother me, either. And today, well--this one scares me a little. I have my first appointment with a neurologist because I hit my head...how shall I put this...really FREAKIN' HARD during the accident. So, with help from my family and friends, I too, have realized I am suffering from severe memory loss. It would be unfair to say my memory has always been fabulous, because it hasn't. But I do know that it's much, much worse now. So when you try to weigh out what's worse: the emotional roller-coaster ride of recovering from a bad car accident, or the physical recovery? 98% of the time (and don't get me wrong, I'm hurtin') the emotional toll it has taken is worse.

 My boyfriend (let's post a picture or two of him so you all can see what a looker he is. I'd like to say he's a mix between Heath Ledger and a young Richard Gere) always gets me flowers at all the right times. Valentine's Day, my birthday, Father's Day (because my Dad passed away 3 years ago and he knows how hard that day is for me) and he even got me flowers (well, the kitten we both own got me flowers) on Mother's Day. He's pretty amazing! But sometimes, when a girl is having a rough day/week/month and she is at Publix standing in line waiting for a prescription and looks to her left at the beautiful assortment of flowers, she thinks, "I am sooo going over there. Even if I don't buy anything, I deserve to take a peek." Of course he looked at me sorta strange when I came home with them and I could tell he wanted to ask, "Soooo, uhhh, who are those from?" but I immediately explained my day and thus, the conclusion of the pretty new flowers in our apartment. They look beautiful, don't they? I don't think there is really anything like a fresh boquet of flowers to put in your house/apt/condo/whatever to pretty it up a bit. Everytime I look at them, they put me in a good mood, just like when my good friend Jenna brought me some about two weeks ago and I smiled every single time I saw them. One more picture of him, because I can't get over how much I adore him. (Plus I want my viwers to understand just how in love I am. :) Then my flowers!
In my opinion, neither one of those two are bad on the eyes. Hahaha! So, ladies, I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with buying yourself flowers on a day where you feel like no one in the world could possibly understand. :) I have some interesting posts coming up soon, just like I promised. My brother's sister-in-law who is the manager of a Forever 21 will be guest blogging, I'll have more reviews on products I just tried, and some fashion and DIY stuff. I'll try to get it up soon!
Would anyone be interested in being pen pals? I'm being so completely serious. I'd like to start off with just letters and then gradually (once I'm working again) be able to send eachother beauty products & stuff that we think the other person would like. Because the best thing about this blog so far, are the friends that I'm making. I want those relationships to become even closer, too! So let me know. Write about it in the comments, or write about whatever in the comments. And lastly, I am now on twitter. You can find me @branilaine. Have a wonderful day! I'm off to a neurology appointment... until then, lovelies.

PS. Wow. It's the 11th anniversary of September 11th. I will never forget where I was that day when I found out, or how it affected me and still does. I was sitting in biology class freshmen year of high school when they turned all the TVs on to let us watch. Most of the school went home, and I remember just crying and crying. When I came home we got ahold of our relatives in New York, and they were fine, but this day will never be a good day for me. There's so much sadness to it. Thank you to everyone who has put their own lives on the line to help out then, since then, and now. I could never show enough appreciation. Where were you when you found out?


  1. first of all that look is killer and you are stunning!!! love love love it!! second off i am so sorry to hear you were in such a bad accident :( i can't even imagine going through all that. i am sending positive thoughts and energy your way!! lots of it! thirdly you're boo is a total keeper, and a cutie of course! fourth a girl can and should absolutely buy herself some damn flowers when she feels the urge!! why the heck not?! and lastly i don't know how much time i can commit to being a pen pal but I'm totally down!! i actually really want to start a product penal club of sorts but i haven't really worked it out completely! either way I'm in!! keep up the good blogger work!! xoxo

  2. Okay...you are super sweet! Thanks so much. Thank you for the positive thoughts and energy--they are much needed during this time and probably for an entire year. Brandon is, I agree, a keeper!!! He is what more guys should be like. And I'm glad you think he's attractive! :) I know you're busy, so if you don't have time to be a pen pal, that's totally okay. I was thinking the same thing, though, some sort of club. It'd be perfect! Lastly, I'm obsessed with blogging now, so you won't see me backing down anytime soon. xoxo

  3. You are so beautiful. That picture is striking. The make up thing? Totally works. And car accidents are the worst. I know what you are feeling. I still have flashbacks of my bad accident that I was in 10 years ago every time I pass that spot. Thank you for contacting me about swapping buttons. I am absolutely in love with your blog. I adore it. I hope your days keep getting better. OH. And buying flowers is never a bad thing. And I nominated you for an award! Head over to my blog to check it out!


  4. Whaaaaat? Deidre, you are seriously awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog. I love it, too! Thanks for the wonderful compliments. Car accidents are NO joke. It's scary to get on the road again, even to drive to a doctor's appt. Then, just when you think you found out the worst of your injuries, oh no! You have to go have more insane tests done because the docs are worried. You made my day, as I'm headed out to physical therapy in a couple of hours, and bummed as usual about it. I will head straight to your blog right after I post this to check it out! That is so sweeeeeet of you! Goodness, I have some great followers. Have a wonderful day!


  5. The makeup was gorgeous! You totally deserved the flowers girl : ) Newest follower here!

    XO, Kelsey

    1. Thanks so much, girl! I just took a peep at your blog and I will definitely be following. I'll have to do it when I get home later. :) I appreciate the sweet compliment.