Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Hey y'all! Get your minds out of the gutter. If you don't know what Hump Day is, it just means it's Wednesday (the middle of the work week). If you were thinking something else, you're silly... & now you know! ;) I decided to do a quick post before I get ready for work, because this isn't actually the halfway mark for me. I have to work Saturday (my job requires each of us 4 girls to work one Saturday a month. Bleh--I know, right?!) and I didn't know how much time I'd have to blog, because I also have family from up North coming here to Florida to stay with us! So, with that being said, I am providing you with pictures of Christmas in Florida. My family that's visiting knows the weather here shall I put this? A LOT different than their weather right now. Haha. SO, with that being said, here are some more pics of...
Christmas in Florida!
I forgot to show you all this one from Thanksgiving. I was told this looks nothing like me...but whatevz. I took this on my way to Gainesville (my sister lives there and we had Thanksgiving dinner there) while slammed like sardines in a tiny BMW with 4 other people. Was that fun? Oh, yes. We all became super close. Eck.
Just kidding. That's totally not me. (I'm a REALLY young looking 25 year old!) But that picture really describes the mood I was feeling the whole 2 hour drive to and from (so, total 4 hour round trip) that day and night. Night was the worst, because I was soooo tired and had to be at work super early the next day! Okay, wah wah, I'll stop complaing right now.
What else is in the works? Remember last post I was talking about the giveaway that's being prepared? Oh my gosh! Y'all are going to want to enter 528487502 times. I am teaming up with my sweet friend, Spring, who owns her own business to bring you all some lovely, all natural bath & beauty products...and maybe, just maybe, something else! ;) That's why you gotta stay tuned.
WE GOT OUR CHRISTMAS TREE UP & FULLY DECORATED! Well, almost. We still need to go pick out a topper. (I'm thinking a cool looking star. I like stars.) The wonderful thing about this picture is that all those presents under the tree...ummm, yeah, they are for me. My boyfriend? Sheesh. It could just be that he got really amazing deals since he didn't have to work Black Friday and got to shop for me. It could also be the fact that he is truly amazing and one of a kind. I got to shop for him on Cyber Monday, and although he won't have as many presents as I do, I believe he will absolutely love what I got him! I can't tell you what that is, though, because I'm not sure if he ever reads my blog. Probably not, but just in case! Anyway, here's our tree!
Yeah...I'm pretty much in love with it. Especially since it's our FIRST tree together! Many more to come, I hope.
Now before I let you go, since I might not be blogging until this weekend, I wanted to leave you all with an AMAZING 5-minute makeup tutorial that can help you out just in case you're running late to get somewhere. Marlena from is one of my favorite video tutorial beauties, because not only does she know what she's doing & talking about, but she has her own awesome makeup line. I think I told you all once before that I bought her Eyeshadow Starter Kit with a zebra print Z-Palette. I'm going to include that in my next set of beauty reviews. Man, oh man, I have lots of reviews to get done. Without further ado, here is the tutorial...and just remember you don't have to use the same exact products she uses (if they are too expensive, go for something similar that fits your budget):, I am off to get ready for work. Enjoy the pictures & tutorial, and see ya soon! Have a very happy Hump Day! I cannot wait to give you the deets on the giveaway. Catch ya later this weekend? xo

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Breakdown, Pictures, & Promises...

Hello loves of mine! I know what most of you are probably thinking, or have thought in the past week. “She’s got this new job, no time for blogging, she’s gone for good. I should probably stop following her then.” No! Please. Don’t. Do. That. The first two weeks of work had my head spinning and when I did think of creating a post, something came up. However, I am working EXTREMELY hard from here on out and dedicating myself to this blog.

I never pre-plan posts. I thought about doing that a long time ago, because several of my blogging friends do it. It just wasn’t for me back when I started That’s Just Lovely. However, now, it’s a must. I’ll be writing blog posts on my lunch breaks for week night posts, and of course I will not leave you hanging (unless something like extremely important comes up) on the weekends. So, if you promise to keep coming back, I promise to make it a point to post! Do we have a deal? I also promise to make them good reads and not just “Wowza, looks like she threw that crap together in 5 minutes” type posts. It’s important to me because I love my blog, readers/followers, blogging in general, and my blogging friends so much! Now I understand why some of my blogging friends pre-plan their posts. ;)

Without further ado, I bring to you (some) pictures from Thanksgiving day. These were taken right before we left our house to go to me mum’s, run to her car, and drive to Gainesville to have the actual festivities at my sister’s house. I got to see my adorable niece and nephew, and eat amazing food (that I am still currently working off), so it was definitely WORTH IT!
Ermehgosh, I just love him SO much!
(And yep, his hand is on my bootay. Ruh roh...)
Another thing that is very exciting (for both me and you all) is that I am about to have my first GIVEAWAY! I am teaming up with a local all natural bath & beauty shop owner who said she’d be happy to provide the gifts. She is a total sweetie, and when that day arrives (it will be very soon! Eek!), I will give you all the 411 on her and where you can buy her amazingly awesome products!

So please don’t delete me from your favorites or daily visits, oh wonderful friends of mine. I am back and better than ever! I have sooooo much awesome stuff to share with you (and plenty more pictures where those came from), so keep checking back!

STAY TUNED FOR THE GIVEAWAY POST! Have a lovely rest of your weekend! xox

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore...

Not too sure why, but lately I've been going for the less is more look. This is what I wore Saturday night to see Melissa Villasenor at The Comedy Zone. I didn't even grab any accessories, which is very unlike me, but I'm diggin' this look. It's very, very me.

Then, of course you get more of a close up, which actually turned out to be a pretty cool picture...I am lovin' the background of this next one.

Where I Got It:
Top: Marshall's (Cha Cha Vente)
Bag: Target
Boots: Aerosoles

I know that I promised a beauty related post, but I rarely ever do fashion posts. I figured it was time. This is a very simple look; I promise to include more in the next "What I Wore" post. This is just me, though, and I don't like to pretend I'm more than who I am. I have some reviews next post I need to do on a new, local, all natural bath & beauty product store. That is sure to be a good one...because I'm thinkin' there just might be a GIVEAWAY! And who doesn't love free stuff?! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend (they go by way too quickly, I have learned) and I will see you soon!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hi! I miss youuuu!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Who is the biggest dork of them all? "The girl in the picture below, that is who." Well, keep reading to find out why. Other than my obviously ridiculous need to take pictures of my first-day-of-work-outfit!

So, I started my new job on Monday and it is only Wednesday. However, I feel like I have totally neglected my own blog and my friends' blogs. This really isn't completely true, because I've actually just been creepily stalking all of my friends or dailies and just not commenting. So. Don't feel like I haven't been stalking your blog! Chances are good that I have. Haha! Why have I not been commenting? Well, I do have time to do that when I get home from work (6:30-6:40pm) after eating dinner with Brandon, but let me just explain how exhausted I feel.
I understand that everyone is tired after a long day of work. But, I haven't had a job in 4 months (I was still employed at my serving tables job, remember? Just couldn't work because of my injuries...) and when I tried to go back the first day dressed up really cute and in heels (which, somewhere I have a picture of my entire outfit [it's super cute and profesh looking] that I need to find), I really just wanted to cry and cry and cry when I got home night #1. I learned that day that I am allowed to either dress up super cute and profesh looking, or wear...are you ready for this?! My FAVORITE work outfit ever...SCRUBS! I am even providing a picture for y'all.
That is what I wore to work yesterday! Don't get me wrong. This girl right there LOVES heels! It was the walking around in them all day at a job for 9+ hours that killed me. So, I have decided to switch back and forth. Some days I will wear scrubs, others I will dress up (in flats, until I get used to walking around that much again). Being the goof that I am (please, pretty please, don't think I am taking myself seriously), I did a little laptop cam photoshoot my first day. So, here are some more pics from Day #1.
That's the makeup I wore. I didn't want to go crazy overboard and do something that would make people think, "Wow...uhhh, have you seen the new girl? Does she think she's about to do a photoshoot for a Cosmo cover or something?" So I went with subtle natural. You're allowed to laugh at my close-up face if you want. Something I really felt the need to say, though, was that I was entirely shocked at how many shout-outs or well wishes I got from YOU all on my first day. It made me soooooo very happy to read them. My first and second days have both been pretty okay. Not great, not bad. I think I am going to eventually love where I work; there is just so much information to retain right now and time management is a huge problem for me at this moment. I feel very overwhelmed. But, I wasn't about to just stop blogging.
I have actually found myself thinking about blogging and missing my blogging buddies during real life time! Is that supposed to happen? I was like, "Hmmm...I might be able to write a post tonight. I wonder how Whitney and Lauren are doing. You know who's probably made something really cute to wear? Sue! And I am not going to let myself miss out on the hilariousness of other Whitney or Deidre!" This, my friends, is when you know that you are addicted to blogging. It just confirms how much I wish I was friends with you all in real life. Whatever, blogging is a part of my real life now.
On that note--I've got to start getting ready for work. Today is a scrubs day. Hooray! Don't forget to check out my new blog that I have started with my best friend in the world, Amanda. It's called Friends Take the Catwalk and we're really just waiting for a few more followers before I do my next beauty post. Speaking of that, my next post here will be beauty-related.
Have an awesome, great, fantastic, lovely day, my simply amazing followers! xoxo <3

Sunday, November 11, 2012

8752847290679 butterflies in my tummy!

 Do y'all know why I have that many butterflies in my tum tum right now? It is because I start my new job tomorrow! I am so extremely nervous, I can't even describe it in words. The last time I was this nervous was probably my first date with Brandon, or maybe the first time we kissed.
 For anyone who doesn't know (and that would be everyone except a few close blogging friends that have asked and some real life friends that read my blog), I have accepted a receptionist position at a very busy, big physical therapy office in our city. This is just one location the company owns, but the beaches division (aka mine; I will be one of four receptionists!) is the 2nd largest division in the city.
 I am so scared because I just want to exceed their expectations, come in with my most confident look (and feeling), and excel at what I will be doing. I bought that notebook over to the left for a couple of reasons.
 a) I loooooove owls! b) NoteTabs are a must for how many things I will have to take notes and have section dividers for. c) I write down anything and everything if I want to remember it, or be able to go back to it. d) Sharpie Pens help me write better. Seriously, they make my handwriting better. So, prayers or positive energy sent my way would be appreciated. I am going to really have to read the part of my E-course that discusses time management...because let's face it, I'm going to be A LOT busier. Working a 9:30am-6:00pm job, and one Saturday a month, running two blogs, and being in charge of a book study. I'll be going from doing nothing but sitting at home cleaning and looking for jobs online, to being one busy gal. Time management is on my list of things to learn.
 But anywhoooooo (get it?! Get it?! Because of the owl notebook and my owl obsession. Haha. I'm a nerd...), I still need you all to help me get the word out about mine and Amanda's new blog (all about fashion & beauty, too) and if you'd be interested in doing a button swap with us, we're all for that! Hey, follow us, too! We'd love you forever. We just think this could ultimately lead to being a really amazing blog if people give us a chance. Click on the button below to get to our blog:

 We really do promise y'all will love it. We are going to switch from fashion to beauty posts, fashion to beauty posts. I look forward to seeing y'all follow us and email us for swapping information! Now, I really should be getting off here so I can go prepare my outfit for tomorrow. A couple more pictures, because, well...why not? I love pictures, and who doesn't?
 This is a new local shop, where I have befriended the owner. I will be reviewing some of the items she gave me to try out. That will probably be in the next post or the one after that. You can buy her stuff online, so not being local with me isn't a good excuse! Everything she makes is all natural, no harsh chemicals in the products, super great smelling, made IN the lab in the back of the store, I could go on and on...let me wait for the review post.
 Do y'all know why I'm pointing at you? Because I love you for following me, or reading this post if it's your first time, commenting, being supportive and sweet to me, and most of all, just being the best readers a gal could ask for. Have a lovely week, ladies!

Friday, November 9, 2012

It's here! It's here!

My very best friend Amanda and I have just now opened our fashion & beauty blog to the public! After a fake champagne toast over the internet (because she lives in NYC and I live in FL) and advertising on Facebook and now my personal we go:
We really, really, sincerely hope you enjoy it & decide to follow us! We'd be thrilled. Have an amazing weekend, everyone, and don't forget to visit my new blogging buddy Lauren! She is the sweetest, and has some great taste in fashion. But mostly, I love the friendship we are creating. It's one of the many reasons I love blogging. Probably top reason. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Miss stage, please. You're on in 5...4...3...

QUICK NOTE FROM BRANI (especially to any Beach Bum Bath & Body shop viewers): This post is a guest post and a little break from beauty blogging, which is what my blog is typically about.  I am so thankful to Spring for sending so many viewers over to my blog to check out all my beauty-related stuff. If you'd like to see those sort of posts from me, please just click the "Beauty" navigation button over there to the right. :) When I read this post to approve it for my blog, I almost peed my pants, it was so funny. This is one of my most favorite non-beauty bloggers in the blogging world, and I just love her. I think you will, too. She's helping me out because I am a tad bit busy right now getting my new job situated. Thanks, D, take it away!

Alright people. I know what you are thinking...

"A guest post?! What the heck... Where is Brani with my makeup tutorial?"

Trust me, I know. We all think it. And I am no Brani. And I am definitely NO makeup expert... But do you want to know what who I am? Well... too bad! I am telling you anyway. My name is Deidre (Dee-druh) and I blog over at Love, The Skinnys with my husband Adam. I say with my husband, because he contributes to the blog about once a week. And, he won't admit it... but he LOVES being a blogger super star. He will text me multiple times a day when he posts, "Any comments yet?" So if you see him post.. comment. He will LOVE you for it. Sorry for the tangent. Here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Skinny.

This is always what we look like. Fancy. And put together. 
My hair done. Him in a blazer. BIG smiles. And looking perfectly retouched.


That is one of our engagement photos.
This is what we normally look like.

My family knew that we were a match made in heaven when they saw the amount of funny faces Adam makes. They thought I would never meet someone as out of control as me. And boy were they wrong. I will at least smile 25% of the time. For Adam, it is closer to 3.6%. So I am here today to teach you the art of the funny face. 

Start with the eyes. Make them big. 
Or one squinty. Or crossed.

Next the nose. Basically you have two options. 
Flare it or suck it in.

Next the lips... any shape that isn't a smile will do.

Add the chin or an awkward hand position.

Put it all together and you are SET!

That is actually the most hideous funny face I have ever seen. I am so glad I could put it together for you. Need some more funny face inspiration? Here are some of my favorites... 

And then one normal for good measure. 
Just so you know Brani's friend is normal.

Well. Hopefully I didn't frighten you TOO much. And I hope to see you over at Love, The Skinnys soon. Especially because there is a GIVEAWAY going on. And who doesn't love free stuff?


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Voting Day! It's a "bold" kinda morning.

So, here is the deal: first of all, Happy Voting Day! I feel like writing in bold today. I hope you don't mind. I do not care whom you vote for (although I hope it is the candidate I like) as long as you vote. I have to figure out where my voting location is, since I have moved. I believe I am still registered at the beach, which is a looonnngg drive from my apartment, but umm, it's definitely for a great cause. Let's just say it's worth the gas money. Good luck to you all in your decisions; I hope you have made them yourselves and researched everything the candidate you are picking stands for.
In other news, I have pictures for y'all. Dur dur durrrrrr. Why? Because it's VOTING DAY and I have nothing further of importance to write about. Oh! Except one thing. I got my first Umba Box in the mail yesterday! I was really excited, and although B will deny it up and down, I know he was anticipating what I got when I told him. I got two really adorable things, and one tasty treat! We ate those tasty treats (homemade caramel clusters) right when he got home and they were gone FAST.

Oh hi! I gots my haircut! :P
 We are in love because we get along so well. We get along so well, because we're both the biggest dorks in the world. <3
 Dinner at Seasons 52 to celebrate my new job, but not before...
;) Things aren't always perfect, but he sure treats me well.
Then, we had friends over. Michelle is my long-lost-best friend! We used to be inseperable about 4-5 years ago, and we are often told we look like sisters. Her man friend (whom is an old friend of mine, as well) came along, too. We played "The Noun Game" (you can never possibly know how fun it is until you've played. Don't judge it based on the name of the game. Haha!) and grilled out by the pool. By the pool? Yes, don't forget I live in Florida.
Lastly, we (by we, I mean I made them & Brandon helped pick stuff out) made these homemade decorations for our home. They are sitting atop our island in the kitchen and I really adore them. On the left we've got potpourri (I don't know what "flavor" as Brandon likes to call it, but if there was one called FREAKIN' AWESOME SMELLING, that'd be it!). The skinny vase has red sand and a few cherries in the bottom, with the stick of berries, of course. The last one, with the black bow around it, is just a bowl full of fake, glittery cherries. I love DIY decorations. They've made our apartment come together a lot faster.
I am pretty sure that's all I have for now. Pretty please DO NOT forget to read the POST BELOW (readddd it, do it, pwese) and pick a tutorial. Thanks!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Almost 100 followers! Whooo! Quick question for y'all!

Hello, gorgeous ladies! With my new job (eeeek!) starting probably Tuesday or Wednesday, I have time to write ONE tutorial before then. I wanted to give you all, my fabulous followers, the option of what that tutorial would be on. You get to pick from three options.

MAKEUP BRUSHES- "What are these things? What is each one even used for?"
It's perfectly okay to not know what all of your brushes in your set (if you have one) are for. This is one option for a tutorial. I can pick out a popular brush set & go brush by brush to give you the 411 on what to use it for. It's understandable that it can get confusing. There are a LOT of brushes that come in a good set!

EYEBROW PENCIL TRICK- "I've heard you can use a pencil to get a perfect arch. Is this true? How do I do it?"  Yes, this is true. If you don't want to spend the money getting your eyebrows professionally done and would rather do them yourself, more power to you! I can show you how to use a pencil (yes, like a school pencil with an eraser) to get the perfect arch in your brow. That is another option for a tutorial.
SMOKEY EYED LOOK- "I have never been able to nail this look. I see it on so many women and it looks amazing. I want to learn how to do it!" It's totally fine that you haven't nailed the smokey eyed look. It takes practice, and a lot of patience, in my opinion. I can teach you, and even include a youtube video I found on how to start practicing this look. Every woman should know how to get the sexy smokey eyes! This is your third option.
So here is the deal: You get to pick one tutorial for this week. That's only because I am going to be so busy training and all those other sorts of shenanigans this week, too. I am SO very happy to have this job, but I also want to take care of my readers! So, with learning how to balance my time (I have been reading an E-course on loving my blog--balancing real life time & blogging time is a big part of the course, thank God) and my new job, I want to give you a tutorial that will help you out tremendously. Just because we can only do one this week, doesn't mean the other two are gone for good. That just means they will be added to a list of tutorials for another time.
"So what do you want me to do, Brani?", you might be asking yourselves. Look them over, decide which tutorial would best help you out right now, and leave a comment with which one you want to learn how to do/use this week. That's right; it's really simple. Just leave a comment with either: brushes, pencil arch trick, or smokey eyed look. I'll give you all time to leave a sufficient amount of answers and then get started writing the tutorial. Please understand that I feel so extremely blessed to have found this job, that until I know what my schedule is going to be like and how blogging will get done (and it will; I promise it will), this is how it's going to work. So, happy choosing! I'll get to that tutorial ASAP once your answers have been submitted.
PS. About my job--I will tell you in time. I still have to put notice in at my other one on Monday. I loved serving, but with the car accident and all of my injuries, I just couldn't do it anymore. This new job is the type of job that I can grow in, and make a career out of. Thanks for all of the congratulations. :)