Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh, well...hey there!

I just wanted to say hi and I actually really miss the blogging world. I figured I'd update anyone who reads. I turned 26 Saturday and yes, I feel different and older. I had a great birthday, though. It's really nice to have a good time with your friends and be able to confirm that they are good people. Since I last wrote, I had two people (one that was a supposed "best friend since high school") really hurt me and I had to weed them out of my life, but it was really a very positive thing after the initial emotional pain. It made me appreciate the people in my life that lift me up every day instead of trying to bring me down and say such hurtful things. No time for it! Got life going on, ya know?! So get outttt and let me continue to learn in life and rock on. ;)
I hope you're all doing well and I can't believe people STILL check my blog. You are awesome and it makes me really happy to hear that. I love you for it, really. I promised I'd write when I wanted to, didn't I? Whomever advised me (actually, there were several of you) to keep blogging, but to do it when I want to, especially so I can look back on my life in the future and re-read what I went through or what I was thinking: you are all geniuses. Totally the best advice ever. It's really fun to go back and see what was going on in my brain at different times. Funny, mostly. I was trying so hard to be cute. Hahaha. How ridiculous.
Ummm--preach it, Audrey! Sleeping has been a major issue for me lately, which is obviously why I'm writing this at 2am. But I have learned a lot in the past month about how no matter what, you just carry on in life and grow stronger through every difficult, or even happy, situation. So, it has been a really good month because I have learned to look at things a lot differently. Well, for the most part--no one is ever truly done growing up and learning things, I don't believe. I used to, but I also realized that even at 26, I'm still learning things about myself and other people. Life in general. And it's really a great feeling! I'll try and post more sometime soon. I miss a lot of you people! It's time for me to catch up on some blogs. As always, nothing but a whole lotta love from my little corner of the world to yours. xo

Do I look older? Juuust kidding. Hopefully this is goodnight. Ha! PS. I just posted this and looked at my blog and realized it hasn't even been a month. Whatever! You get what I'm saying, right? Don't call me out.