Friday, March 22, 2013

To blog...or not to blog?

Hey friends!'s been awhile. I sooo appreciate the comments y'all left on my last post; keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. It's been a tough couple of weeks, but I've been through way worse. My health problems are still affecting me and probably always will, but I do feel a little better today. And it's extremely nice to know that people care. As for the family stuff--that seems to be getting better, too, but who knows? You just have to keep praying and pushing forward in matter what, right? Thinking positively about everything. I'm trying to learn how to do that. I'm sorry if I haven't answered your emails or put buttons up, or anything I've said I would do lately. I know a lot of you are probably thinking WTF!? Sorry! Taking a "hiatus" hasn't helped much really, as far as the break from blogging goes. I've had SO much on my mind lately. Speaking of that...
I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately and whether I want to continue doing it. There are pros and cons. I have made SOOO many amazing friends (that hopefully one day I'll get to meet some of them...but I'd probably have to continue blogging for that, huh?) and gotten some incredible feedback on some of my posts. I love being able to log in to blogger and vent, speak my mind, share my stories and pictures, and visit other blogs and hear your stories. It's truly an awesome experience that I am so glad I ventured into almost a year ago. I'd always read blogs, but never thought I'd create one. The cons? I'm not too sure how many people read this, and sometimes I feel (just being honest) like I'd be better off journaling privately. There's also the time factor. I am searching for a full-time job every single day, and then trying to keep up with everything else. So, I really only post when I can't sleep...which is a lot lately. There are definitely MORE pros than cons, but I just have to make a decision. I don't want to regret giving up my blog, but at the same time, I don't want to be wasting my time when I could be sorting out my life more, ya know?
Sorry for the schpeel. Thanks for reading, if ya are. I know there are some of you that check in daily, and that's freaking awesome! I adore you for it! It makes me feel incredibly special. However, I've also lost my "mojo" it seems (haha, yeah Austin Powers reference!) for good blog storytelling. I guess I really just want to know, without sounding pitiful, from you blog or not to blog? That's the question I've been pondering a lot lately and I sure hope y'all can help me answer it. Anyone of you felt this way before, and if so, how did you overcome it? Or...did you delete your blog? Be well, loves! xo


    even if it's rarely.. we still want to hear from you!!

  2. I only recently found your blog but I followed because I like it! I say keep blogging! If not for us, then at least because it'll probably (hopefully) be therapeutic for you - and we'll all be here to support you!

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  4. Blog, but don't make it a commitment. Just do it when you want or have something you want to remember or when something monumental happens. You'll appreciate it later in in life being able to look back. But do it for you, not for your readers.

  5. Agreed with Katie. I blog when I want to and if people read, then great and if they don't, that's okay too because I don't read as often as I used to. Time doesn't allow for it as much these days. Good luck in EVERYTHING! :)

  6. Keep it up! And I agree that you have to do it for you!

  7. Keep blogging sassy girl! Blog when you want to and talk about the things that matter to you! xoxox I love reading your posts :)

  8. Even if you blogged once a month, I'd would be happy to read your posts, because they're genuine. It's like reading something of a friend's. Something you can relate with. So personally, I'd say, "Keep blogging!" Just do it when it's comfortable for you though! We'll be here to see it when you schpeel again, and give you a "happy to see you again!" hug. ;D

  9. Elora's right! Even once a month would be better than none. One thing I have done that I think might help if you decide to keep it up is get a lineup of guest posters. That way, the days when you really don't feel like blogging, you can have a friend instead. I am so glad that I have met you! You are amazing! Keep being strong and remember, this too shall pass! Endure! Yes!

  10. aaww *w* cute cat!!

  11. I just discovered your blog and love it! You don't have to blog everyday - just when you feel inspired. Your readers will understand! You will inspire people either way and already have. Praying for you to get better! You rock.

    - Dale @

  12. My vote is to keep at it!

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  13. Do what is right for YOU! I just found your blog and I would love to keep seeing posts. You can always take a break and if it feels right, come back to it.

    Good luck :)

    xx Grace