Wednesday, January 30, 2013

While I was away, things happened.

Dear Everyone in the World,
(just a quick heads up: this post is long, but worth it!)
Today is a special day. I know that you are just dying to know why now, and I'm going to tell you...if you're good. First, I just wanted to explain my introduction. I'd like to think that when I blog, everyone in the world reads it. I think this because not a lot of people always comment, and it confuses the beejezuz (no clue what that word means) out of me. So, if I pretend like the WHOLE world is reading it, I just assume that the whole world is obviously very busy. That way my feelings don't get hurt if people don't comment. Catch my drift? Yeah, you feel me. So, moving right along. Here is a pretty picture of mountains in Colorado, and I'm going to tell you a bunch of stuff. But first, ooooh and ahhh over this beautiful, breathtaking picture of snow-capped mountains.

Okay, are you done oooohing and ahhhhing? Take your time. No rush. Yes, I did take that picture. With my cellphone, inside of a moving vehicle (but don't worry! I was't driving! Brandon was, and that's mostly because my fear of driving on black ice), trying to get the perfect photo before it was too late.
Lots of things happened while I was on my hiatus from blogging.
(And to be truthful and fair, I had no idea I was taking a hiatus)
Let's back it up to around Christmas-time, though. Most of you know that I quit that lousy job (thankfully after I'd already gotten Brandon his awesome presents) a couple of weeks before the holidays. I'm so glad, because I have a bit of my sanity back (I'll never have it all back), however we are on a really tight budget now. Here's the good news, though. I have a job interview TODAY! At noon. I don't really want to get into details or even get super excited about it, because if I don't nail it, I can't share my excitement over having an awesome job with you all. So, kinda pretend like I didn't mention that...but at the same time, I would love it if you could keep me in your prayers or just send positive vibes.
Instead of writing a super long blog, I'm going to post pictures galore and write captions underneath, so you can get a feel for what's been going on with me lately without all the boring yadda yadda blah blah talk. Sound good? Great!
That is my beautiful friend Brandie, whom is one of the funniest people I'm lucky to know. We were re-creating a picture similar to one we had taken about 3 years before this one. All we were missing was goofy sunglasses and a backdrop of Target.
Who doesn't love to see a really late Christmas picture in January...almost February? There were some REALLY awesome gifts; both from me to him, and him to me. But this picture was taken right after I found out that I was going on vacation to Aspen, CO for this wonderful event called Winterskol. Brandon got me a pair of gloves, a matching beanie, that scarf in the picture, and had those all wrapped in one thing with a note that read:
You might need these when we are in Aspen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just about died. Or cried a lot and hugged him. He knows CO is my favorite state, and that I'd love to move there one day. Also, I had been so stressed out for so many months that a vacation was really needed. For both of us. And we had the most spectacular time. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful Aspen is, or the feeling you get just being there. So, I'll just post more pictures. K?
That's our family. It's a little family, but for right now, that's a good thing.
Brandon's mom and stepdad came and stayed with us right after Christmas. I had always been so scared to meet his mom (they live in Ft. Walton Beah, FL in case you were wondering...I'd only met her twice) because Brandon thought it'd be cool to tell me that she never, ever liked any of his previous girlfriends. She would never call them by their actual names, she'd just ask him, "So, how are you and what's her name doing?" But not me. She'd call and ask, "How's Brani?" which made my heart smile. She, even after only meeting me three times, absolutely adores me, and even tells me she loves me. Please excuse the dust in the above picture! That is all the jewelry (I have a love for owls) that she bought me when we went to St. Augustine for the day...on top of all the Christmas presents she got me. I think it's safe to say she really likes me and wouldn't mind if I married her son. ;)
Here is us, modeling beanies for a magazine in Aspen. ...kidding.
My babes actually made it down the mountain. Not me...but that's a whole other story.
Aspen, CO is for lovers. It was even cold INSIDE our hotel room.
You're automatically cool if you make a peace sign and have snow in the background of a picture. That's just what I've been told. The coldest day there was the day that it was -14 degrees outside. Don't forget I'm from Florida, people.
DIA. Jet lag and sadness don't make for a beautiful picture, but I like this for some reason.
Around Christmas-time, one of my very best friends came "home" to visit. I hadn't seen her since she left me for Michigan, which was a week after I'd met Brandon.
I was so excited to see her, that I didn't even care what all of our eyes looked like in this pic.
I'm running out of pictures. This post is getting long and probably really annoying anyway, so I'm going to end it around here...somehow.
I totally forgot to add a picture from our St. Augustine visit. I just really love this man. And on that note, since I am now going to be in a bit of a hurry to get ready for this job interview, I'll end with a quote I love. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.
Not one of us is perfect, and who would really want to be, anyway? You're so good at being you. So just do that. Be you, no matter where you are, who you're with, what you're trying to accomplish. I'm going into this interview being me; I refuse to put on an act. If I don't get the job, then it just means it wasn't meant to be. And that's okay. I love you so much if you actually read this entire post (I even love you if you read most of it)! I have a great idea for my next post, but until then, I hope you enjoy reading about some of the stuff that happened while Brani took a vacay from the blogging world. I'm thrilled to be back!


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    1. Thank you, doll! Of course I will visit your blog. On my way :) xo

  2. Yay I love it! Aspen is sooo much fun, I'm glad you guys had a blast :) PS you looks gorgeous in every single one of these pictures!


    1. You are just too sweet, girl! <3 Aspen holds my heart, now. Well...shares it with Brandon.


  3. Aspen looks incredible, I have never been! I hope your interview went awesome!!

    1. You should definitely go if you ever get the chance! It's amazing! And my interview did go well, thank you for that. *crossing my fingers* xo

  4. Awwww, you were only a state away from me?? I know it's still a long way, but man, I feel like I should have met you there. haha
    glad you have fun. And you totally are cool with your peace sign and snow. You should see Utah right now. It won't STOP snowing. I'm gonna have to hit up the slopes again this weekend.

    1. I know, right? It's bound to happen one day...but the thought still hurts that yes, I was only a state away. Sighhhh...hehe. Have fun skiing and post lotsa pics on your blog when you post next! xo love

  5. Great pictures!! CO looks like paradise :)

    1. Thank you, Katie! It is paradise! I'm off to see your blog now. :) xo

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