Saturday, January 26, 2013

And Lauren has the mic.

Hey everyone! Name's Lauren, I run "The How To Blog" (link here) which is a blog about personal style, a few delicious recipes, some beauty tips, and lots of ridiculous newlywed stories because the hubs and I have a blast together. 

And this is us:

My hubster Josh and I 
Like I said, we have a blast together. 

My posts usually have an outfit and I'll say where I got everything, then I have a section where I post quirky stories that happened and awesome moments. And of course, there is a post theme song which I listen to on repeat while I write the post.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers on Grooveshark


I'm a germ freak. I don't share silverware with people, not even my husband. When we started dating he could NOT believe that I was so grossed out by germs. Every single day, without fail, he would ask "Is today the day that you'll share a spoon with me?!" Then one day I finally said, "Yes, today is your magical day." I shared my spoon with him. And didn't do it again.

Random tangent, I know. But this story has to deal with my extreme OCD towards germs, especially mouth germs. 

In the bathroom we have a toothbrush holder with 3 holes because Josh has 2 toothbrushes. Don't ask me why, it boggles my mind too. Anyway, my toothbrush is always in the middle. Makes sense, right?

Well, the other night I was very sleepy. And slightly grumpy, but that's besides the point. I mean, come on, who doesn't get a wittle (yep, that spelling error was on purpose, in case you were wondering) bit grumpy when they're sleepy? 

So I reached for the toothbrush in the middle, I lathered it up with toothpaste, and started brushing. I looked around the bathroom,brush brush brush, looked at the clock, brush brush brush, looked at the toothbrush holder, brush brush-stopped.... Noticed my toothbrush was on the far right, and was most definitely NOT being used. 

Oh my heavens, the gagging came full force. I started heaving into the sink, and may or may not have threw up a little on Josh's toothbrush, and may or may not have (yeah, definitely did not) tell him that happened...Holy cow, sickest experience. I then rinsed with the kind of mouthwash that burns and makes your eyes water for like 5 minutes, put our toothbrushes in the CORRECT places, and brushed my teeth again. 

-Reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with my Mom, and discussing the deeper meanings of the novel, and trying to figure out what it all means. 

-Waking up from a bad dream in the middle of the night, and having my best friend cuddle me until I fall back asleep. 

I'd just like to thank Brani for sharing her blog with me today! She's wondering if she should continue blogging or give it up. Everyone show her a little love and tell her how much you enjoy her blog so she decides to stay. :) 


PS. Note from Brani: I am sooo glad I asked Lauren to guest post. LO-Ren, as I call her, is a friend that I really want to meet someday in person. We're just meant to be great friends. It'll happen eventually. She is a total sweetheart who obviously has great taste in fashion. You should definitely make it a point to go visit her blog. Her followers are growing so quickly, it's blowing my mind (I "met" her when she pretty much had just started her blog and had maybe 20 followers), yet I am not surprised. You can see why. She's hilarious and adorable. My sister might be guest posting next, and then I might be back to blogging. I dunno. We'll see. What do you all think? If you read my blog on a regular basis, I'd really love to know. Because as she mentioned above, I'm not sure whether I want to continue or not. A big part of me does, but part of me is stuck. :-/ Take care, lovelies! xo


  1. Dear Lauren,

    You are my favorite blogger buddy and I am so lucky to know you. You are adorable and so sweet for guest posting. Thanks for doing all this, especially when I'm at a time of doubt with where this blog is headed. I cracked up about your OCD with the germs. I am the same way!!! I never grew up drinking after ANYONE in my family and not even Brandon today. You're awesome. xo I know I will talk to you soon!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't she gorg and just too cute for words? I want that outfit.

  3. that outfit is so cute!

    You can always take a little blogging break, clear your mind and come back!

    1. Very true, Mills. Btw, I saw your vlog about hangovers and wanted to tell you it was HILARIOUS! I loved it. :)