Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not all is meant to be understood...

Before I get started with rambling about nothing, I wanted to share how badly my heart aches for anyone that has been affected by the Sandy Hook shooting massacre. It's terrible. It's just awful. And like so many of you, I will never understand how a human being can do something this evil & cruel, and I'm not sure if we're supposed to. All we can do is pray for these families who have lost loved ones, or at least send them positive vibes. It is a great reminder to live our lives each day as if they are our lasts; for some day, it will be. And the majority of us will never see it coming. Life is so precious. Let's not forget that, and let these poor, innocent children who will never get to grow up and experience so much that we have been given the priviledge of, remind us to LIVE!  It's sort of difficult to segue into this next part of my post, aftering sharing my emotions on that topic...but it looks like there might be a NEW winner for that giveaway I just finished a few days ago. I'm giving Miss Julie a few more days (so I hope you got my emails and are reading this! I really do! I need you to please respond asap if you still want those goodies [which are uhhh-may-zing]) until I move on to the next winner. In other news, I've had a really odd week. It's been very stressful, but before I even get into any of that, I'd love to just share a bunch of pictures with you all. How does that sound? Good? I thought it might! Pictures are far more interesting than my every day life. Brandon's best friend (since middle school) is moving away with his girlfriend, Christie, whom I consider a pretty good friend. She's a sweetie. I know how sad B is about it, and it makes me really sad to see him like that. I remember feeling the same way when Amanda moved away to New York City. But, her life is awesome now, and I'm happy for her. Here are some pics from our last outing (at least in Jacksonville...for now):
Oh, Ryan. That face... and of course I had to throw in some lover pics!
Sometimes I like to make silly faces...
"So Brani, is this all you're going to post? Pictures?"
Why, yes, actually. What did you expect? I just told you I had
an extremely stressful week. Haha. I'll write an actual post tomorrow.
These pictures are just to tide you over. You know, just so you can
get your fix. Hahaha! :P I can't wait to write an actual post with
actual content tomorrow or Monday. Be prepared! You're in for a lot.
And Julie, please email me! I don't want you to miss out on winning
that giveaway that you won...but someone else just might be in for
some really awesome goodies. Just sayin'...eeeeeek! xo


  1. It's so heartbreaking what happened to those affected by the shooting. I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for those there, and how hard it was for families to identify their children's bodies. Unfortunately that is a part of life. This could have happened anywhere at any time. Life is so unpredictable.

    Those are cute pictures! I can't wait to read your next post. I hope your week got a little less stressful over the weekend!

    <3 blake

    1. Blake, you are the absolute sweetest. Also, I totally agree with everything you said in your first paragraph. xo

  2. actual posts not needed. I love the photos.

    sad for CT. love and prayers to all those there. I have a feeling until the 21st passes this week will be full of more crazy stories.

    Love, The Skinnys

  3. I'm a new follower and I'm really excited to see what all you have to post! I have a Friday hop called Freakin' Friday. I'd love for you to join!